Who We Are

We offer the food industry a new way to connect! With our unique digital platform, we provide management and staff with a way to meet others in the same field and to share leadership learning through online resources.

We aspire to be more than a cook, be more than a manager, be more than our jobs, improve the standards by shaping the development of our industry as a profession, foster healthy lifestyles, and provide community resources to build career longevity.

Leadership is a Mindset...not a title:

Don't miss the Boat:

Not Every Boss Is a Leader:

Change is Coming

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What We Do


Hobbies are important to creative expression. We focus on creating positive outlets for those in the food industry.

By arranging new activities outside of work, we provide opportunities to recharge your batteries and inspire your creativity. 

No matter how busy you are, spend 2 hours trying a hobby enjoyed by other food professionals who understand your work demands.


Finding the right time and opportunity for professional development is a challenge. 

We've constructed resources to connect busy people with others who share the same experiences.

Made for a busy workforce, Leaders for Tomorrow continuing education sessions are developed by Cooks Who Care.  We facilitate conversations that frame your future success by opening access to the expertise of engaged mentors.

What our community says about us:


Beyond the Table Web Series

Cooking up more than food...

Every week on our You Tube series, Beyond the Table, we share a story of someone in the food industry who has learned from their journey and wants to help you on yours, no matter where you are headed. With close to 50 videos produced in less than one year, we invite you to watch any that you might have missed, and reconnect with stories that resonate strongly with your personal journey. Each week we will have new stories to share. Tap into our community, where ideas and resources are shared and savored.

Be a thinker.  Be a doer.  Never stop learning.  


Looking For a new Opportunity? 

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