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Join us for the Leaders for tomorrow Series..... 

Get to the Leadership Gym and work out all muscle groups

Go beyond the daily grind.  We are changing the landscape of the food industry, one conversation at a time.  Respected colleagues share with us and we share with you because we believe we are only better together.  Our goal is to impact and improve the food industry.   We will meet this goal by strengthening all levels of our workforce, by increasing professionalism across the board, by empowering others and by sharing resources.

Make the Learning Curve Shorter

Quote: “We don’t learn from our experiences.  We learn from reflecting on our experiences.” - John Dewey/Progressive Educational Reformer

We all learn from both our successes and our failures.  By exposing you to real, yet undiscussed, challenges that are affecting the professional status and daily lives of people in our industry, we highlight how personal and professional lives cross.  We aim to help others move forward, increase co-worker productivity and enable everyone to become better at what they do.  We do this by diving in and creating engagement within our supportive community.  And by finding people who care about your success as much as we do to teach you something they learned the hard way.  Learn from your peers and gain a CWC mentor.


Benefits of Peer-Learning Sessions

  • Bounce ideas off others to make real successes
  • Build new leadership practices
  • Make more informed decisions
  • Get the motivation you need

Listen to a Leader who cares about your progress and become a Leader for Tomorrow every time you sit in a session live or online.

More Leadership workouts to come in 2018! 

(photo credit: Scott Campbell of Leaders for Tomorrow Session “Executive Leadership” with Candace Yaeger, MBA MA)

LFT Leaders for tomorrow 2017

Become a CWC Mentor:

By working within our program we coordinate a workout plan with you as Mentor who cares about improving opportunities of leadership in our profession. By working with us, we can develop a partnership between our parties to create a mutually beneficial partnership.

*** Now accepting ideas for 2018 Leaders for tomorrow Mentors *** Click here to let us know your thoughts!  


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