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Cooks Who Care Hangouts

We offer the Philly food industry a new way to connect with your industry peers! We seek to become more than our job titles: more than a manager, more than a cook. Together, we get outside the four walls of our workplaces, step out of our comfort zones and seek new experiences for ourselves, in contrast to the serving of others we do on the job.

Renew the sense of yourself, feel relaxed, include those you care about who are affected by the culture of the food industry and enjoy our small venue format meetups. Our group is concerned about the current state of the food industry. We are a savvy group, community-minded, under supported and heavily over-worked.

Cooks Who Care is dedicated to improving the lives of others in the food industry by organizing healthy-living and unique mentor learning moments, live and online. Our peers share their hobbies, lead activities and open their work spaces. They promote new ideas while seeking lifestyle balance, broadening their social circles by investing their time in our meetups, which are never more than two hours long.  Join us in making authentic connections with active, goal-oriented people who are striving to better themselves even though they’re always on the go.

If you want to know more about out hangouts or to register for a particular event, click here!

What are people saying about our hangouts? Read below to see what your piers think:

"It's important to know that you're not alone on this journey.  CWC has helped me realize I am not alone, I am not crazy and there are others like me who see what I see." 

 - Marqessa Gesauldi- Pastry Chef, Aux Petits Delices


Looking For a new Opportunity? 

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